Management Group

Because every child deserves every chance to reach their full potential

Julie Irwin


Julie Irwin MBA, MMgt (HRM) 

ECCQ: Strategic Focus – Collaboration & Synergy – Partnerships – Collective Action – Collective Impact affecting Social Change.

Julie is excited to be working with the dynamic and visionary Every Child CQ team, working together with government agencies and community representatives to fulfill the vision of offering every child and young person in Central Queensland, every chance for a promising future.

Julie has extensive experience in the Not-for-Profit Sector including 20 years within the Disability Industry in management, project management and coordination roles as well as 5 years’ experience in the Aged Care Industry. Julie has 10+ years’ experience in State Government including the Legislative Assembly and Ministerial offices in Brisbane.

Julie’s former role with the National Disability Coordination Officer Program was pivotal in the development of the first free Disability Awareness Training package, further enhanced and now available online together with the recent Disability Awareness training package for Secondary Educators.

Julie has been building community capacity and influencing change in Central Queensland through the FASD CQ Alliance. As Chair, Julie leads this collaborative group working together to prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and raise awareness of the preventable life-long condition, while advocating for intervention and positive change for those who have the condition.

Personally, Julie treasures family time, enjoys reading and gardening and the abundance of all that the Rockhampton and Central Queensland region have to offer.

Friederike McCartney


Friederike McCartney is a highly skilled professional and Clinical Nurse Consultant who has worked for over 30 years in various health sectors, across the public and private health industries in numerous countries including – Ireland, England, Germany and across Australia.

Friederike developed a unique model of care for disenfranchised /disadvantaged and at-risk youth across Central Qld – Friederike created, developed and led an award-winning program, CQ Youth Connect. Friederike also established a CQ Youth Health Reference Committee, CQ Youth Connect Service Directory, Wall Charts (digitalised since 2019), Youth Opportunity Days and the annual CQ FASD Awareness Walks.

In 2014, Friederike created the CQ Youth Interagency Health Forum held annually and since that time – hosted, coordinated and evaluated this valuable Central Queensland event on an annual basis. Friederike has also played a very significant role in supporting, educating and addressing youth health and education gaps around Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD) across Central Qld and is an active member of the FASD CQ Alliance.

For the past 20 years, Friederike has focussed her energy on improving the health and wellbeing of youth, children and their families especially the underprivileged, identifying gaps and advocating and/or leading initiatives to address them at various levels.

Friederike embraces every opportunity to make a difference for society using a collective, collaborative, strength and place-based approach, ensuring the younger generation in CQ are/and stay connected, stay informed and stay healthy and safe. Together build strong, healthy, resilient and compassionate communities for today and tomorrow.


Bryce Davey


Bryce Davey Bachelor Financial Planning/Bachelor of Accounting, JP (Qual).

Bryce was originally from a rural property near Rockhampton before moving to town at high school age and then joining a bank. He spent considerable time in Brisbane & South-East Queensland and left after 26 years before then completing studies at CQ University for a Bachelor of Financial Planning / Bachelor of Accounting. He has now worked for 10 years as a financial planner based in Rockhampton.

Bryce is currently involved in the local community through Queensland Justices Association and Rotary International.

Bryce is the Treasurer of the Rockhampton branch of the QJA and volunteers at the JP signing centre in Stocklands, Rockhampton. He also is the Assistant Treasurer at the Rotary Club of Rockhampton North.


Kristina Hatfield

Cultural Inclusion Representative

Kristina has been a member of Every Child CQ since 2020 and contributes greatly in her role as Cultural and Inclusion Advisor.

Kristina has worked closely with Darumbal Elders and community leaders for more than three decades; she has gained a deep understand of Cultural Practices, Customs and Lore. Through Kristina’s work in community and with Darumbal Enterprises, Kristina plays a key role in ensuring that First Nation’s peoples are acknowledged and recognised for their valuable contribution to the communities of Central Queensland. Kristina is influential and well-connected and works closely with a wide range of stakeholders, educating, collaborating and driving a range of diversity and inclusion initiatives in Central Queensland.


Maxine Brusche

Strategic Advisor

“By engaging whole of community to be true partners in improving the wellbeing of CQ children, now and into the future, we can bring about positive systemic change, where children are able to achieve, thrive and lead happy and fulfilling lives in the CQ region.”

With a strong interest in community well-being for over 50 years, Maxine Brushe has concentrated her efforts on improving the communities of Central Queensland, where she has worked, recreated and most importantly, raised a family. She has extensive experience in governance and community leadership, serving as a Councillor with the Calliope Shire Council for 13 years, five years as Deputy Mayor, eight years as a Councillor with Gladstone Regional Council and three years as Chair of Gladstone Area Water Board.

Maxine was an active member of the Working Group for the Philip Street Communities and Families Precinct in Gladstone and is now the Seniors representative on the Precinct’s Advisory Group to Gladstone Regional Council.

Maxine has been, and continues to be an active community member, striving to improve community wellbeing for all.

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this country and recognise their connection to land, wind, water and community. We pay our respect to them, their cultures, and to the Elders both past and present.