President’s Mid-Year Update

Following our AGM in late November 2021, Every Child CQ Inc is pleased to welcome new Management Group Members, Friederike McCartney (Secretary), Bryce Davey (Treasurer) and Corey Bloomfield (Research & Partnerships Representative) to the Group. We also thanked retiring Management Group Members – Professor Wal Taylor, Josh Ariens, and Geoff Lee, for their outstanding work over several years.

Whilst only a very small committee, Every Child CQ (ECCQ) has been working in the background to support groups and individuals who are forging ahead with a range of initiatives to “shift the dial” on improving the lives and futures of young people in this region.

As we are an unfunded organisation, ECCQ has focussed on what we can achieve without paid staff and have taken on an auspicing role for unincorporated organisations over the last 6 months, thanks to the generosity of expertise, time and energy of the Management Group.

Every Child CQ continues to look for opportunities to pursue a collective change agenda to ensure our young people can grow, thrive and be happy in the Central Queensland region.

The Rockhampton Community Based Crime Action Committee (CBCAC) that has taken a lead role in building strong collaboration and understanding to address youth crime in the Rockhampton area. Several activities have been funded by CBCAC and auspiced by ECCQ, including the following initiatives:

Our Space – a place to connect

  • Our Space is an exciting and innovative initiative, supported by Stockland Rockhampton providing a shop front where services can connect with community in a safe space. CBCAC have funded a Coordinator for this initiative and are seeking further support from anyone interested in contributing beyond the funding period.
  • The aim of the space is improving health and well-being outcomes for our children, youth and families with a primary focus on vulnerable and at risk youth.
  • The target group for the space are the at risk and vulnerable youth and families that can be hard to reach via regular service delivery models.

Community Development Model & Tools – Funded jointly by CBCAC and Communities for Children (CfC) through the Smith Family, and undertaken by Geoff Higgins, Performance People

  • This activity is aimed at contributing to the Rockhampton CBCAC “priority gap” of Agency Collaboration. Further, it will provide the following community benefits in support of addressing disadvantage and reducing youth crime
  • 1. A documented approach to doing place-based community development.
  • 2. A blueprint for undertaking community development projects, including milestones.
  • 3. A common language around community development.
  • 4. A set of practical tools with clear instructions.
  • 5. A local cohort of trained people with an understanding of community development, and the ability to use the model and tools.
  • 6. A set of training materials for use again in the future.

Uniting Effort Project in partnership with Mindhive

  • Using successful crowd sourcing collective experience intelligence to develop a framework for structured, coordinated, whole of community response to youth crime.
  • Gathering global expertise, through an respected online platform, to seek and discuss what has/has not worked elsewhere and provide opportunities for our region.

Life Choices Level UP

  • Provide opportunities and resources for young people to explore, experience, connect and engage in pilot program that includes, support and pathways to making better choices, positive personal growth, develop goal setting, and grow to their fullest potential. Increasing positive youth engagement, reducing unhealthy activities and reducing youth crime.
  • Courses are held 3 days per week for 10 weeks and include Wellbeing, Personal Care, Dressing for Succes, Sexual & Reproductive Health, Alcohol & Other Drugs Session, Nutrition & Exercise, Low budget health food, Hair, Healthy Relationships, Social Media Use and Safety, Self Confidence.
  • Provide resources for other disadvantaged young people who are not in the course but visit Our Space.

Maxine Brushe
Every Child Central Queensland Inc.

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this country and recognise their connection to land, wind, water and community. We pay our respect to them, their cultures, and to the Elders both past and present.