ECCQ President’s Update

ECCQ President’s Update

On 27 February 2024, the Parliamentary Youth Justice Reform Select Committee held a Public Hearing in Rockhampton. The purpose of the public hearing was to assist the YJR Select Committee in its inquiry into youth justice reform in Queensland. The focus of the hearing was evidence-based on seven priority areas –

  1. improving support for victims of crime and confidence in the youth justice system;
  2. the need for a long-term youth justice strategy;
  3. better early assessment, intervention and prevention;
  4. improving young people’s engagement with therapeutic programs;
  5. supporting their transition from detention back into the community;
  6. reimagining youth justice infrastructure;
  7. the operation of the Youth Justice Act 1992.

ECCQ Management Group put together a Submission – ‘A Collective Approach, Closing the YJ Gap’ which was submitted to the Parliamentary Youth Justice Reform Committee (Submission 204) on 1 March 2024. Please also read the Rockhampton Community-Based Crime Action Group’s submission – No. 179 (same link as above) and Our Space Submission (No. 200). We will keep you updated on the progress of the youth justice reform.

Upcoming dates for our Community Workshops will be advertised soon.

Kindest regards

Julie Irwin – President Every Child CQ
(on behalf of the ECCQ Management Group)

Every Child CQ Update – 2024

Every Child CQ Update – 2024

Welcome to 2024 and Every Child CQ. I am very excited to have joined Every Child CQ as President, being appointed late last year. I would like to thank the previous ECCQ President Maxine Brushe for all her extremely valuable work over many years and now in the role of ECCQ Strategic Advisor – Government & Community. I would also like to thank the ECCQ management team who continue to dedicate their professionalism, time and energy to grow and expand ECCQ activities. Our wonderful staff and consultants do an amazing job and I would like to acknowledge their valuable contributions to the children and youth of our region.

Thank you to the Rockhampton Community Based Crime Action Committee (CBCAC) which continues to take a lead role in building strong collaboration and understanding to address youth crime in the Rockhampton area and providing funding to ECCQ for valuable activities. I would also like to acknowledge the significant contribution of partner Stockland Rockhampton for continuing to provide a valuable space for ‘Our Space’. Several ECCQ activities have been funded by CBCAC with auspicing by ECCQ.

ECCQ Current Activities include:


Our Space is a safe space located in Stockland Rockhampton designed to engage with local youth and their families, improve positive behaviour, engagement and choices. Our space provides a space for early intervention, connections and activities for youth. It also acts as a community information hub for youth and families. Our Space also delivers Life Choices Level Up activities.

Various organisations deliver services that provide early intervention for at-risk youth, reducing disengagement while simultaneously offering health and wellbeing access or support. 
Our Space is a collaborative partnership between Stockland Rockhampton, Queensland Police Service, CQ Health and Hospital Service – CQ Youth Connect, Darumbal Community Youth Services, Headspace and Every Child Central Queensland and has representatives from each organisation serving as committee members. Our Space has been recognised for its exemplary contemporary practice and positive outcomes.


This Youth Interagency Health Forum, 2023 showcased its 10th annual CQ Youth Interagency Health Forum. The effectiveness of this forum has been evidenced by its attendance and the value it brings to our region. A pre and post survey revealed that from 2022-2023 PD hours delivered as part of this activity were 1,050 PD hours, a 75% increase in knowledge across the youth sector including professional development on FASD.

This Forum was originally developed in 2013 by a local Clinical Nurse Consultant from CQ Youth Connect to enable health professionals and community organisations working with youth to learn from experts in the field regarding youth health and well-being. This forum also provides an opportunity for key-note speakers to share their knowledge, information, data, trends and experiences about the youth sector across Central Queensland. It is a unique event which is not only very well attended each year but additionally provides opportunities to network and build partnerships as well as providing an opportunity for youth services to exhibit, connect and share relevant resources.


This strategic working group provides engagement, community development, resources and tools for the community. It is a valuable community asset in identifying community strengths and weaknesses and actions required to move the community forward as a collective. The Uniting Effort Working Group’s Report to Every of Child CQ of 2023 has put forward some recommendations including:

  • A continued commitment to involving grassroots community, local leaders, First Nations people and all levels of government in community change activities; including expanding to more directly involve leaders in Government, people in community and stakeholder organisations.
  • The work to involve local initiatives in education and health, which will require a more tangible involvement of leaders in education and health.
  • A local, accessible repository of documentation relevant to the work should be established.


(dates/venue to be confirmed)

ECCQ is planning two Community Workshops this year to confirm Issues and Gaps and look at steps in collaboratively and collectively addressing them. These workshops will be action focused.

1.  April 2024:

The first event will be focused on Confirming the Issues & Gaps – Children & Youth in CQ – Community Workshop Event designed to engage and re-connect with community and government organisations including education and health to identify current issues in the region affecting children and youth. We will also do an environmental scan of the programs that are working in this space, their objectives and outcomes and the gaps that exist. We will look at what is working well and what isn’t.

2.  May 2024:

The second event will be focused on discussing ways in Addressing the Issues & Gaps – Children & Youth in CQ – Community Workshop Event – engaging and connecting with the same stakeholders (from 1.) and other interested parties to discuss solutions/actions/funding to address the issues and gaps we have identified.


FASD CQ Alliance (affiliated with Every Child CQ)

FASD CQ Alliance is a community-driven collective group committed to increasing knowledge of and services for (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) FASD in Central Queensland (CQ). Our vision is to be instrumental in ensuring improved awareness, research, knowledge and services that significantly address and reduce FASD in CQ.

FASD CQ Alliance believes that as many people as possible should be made aware of FASD – the hidden disability in order to prevent it – a 100% preventable condition. The way to prevent it, is for women to consume no alcohol at all when pregnant.


  • Annual FASD Awareness Walk – 9 September – raising awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and prevention of FASD.
  • Currently working with University of Queensland to train health professionals on FASD and provide additional resources.
I will keep you updated on the activities of Every Child CQ as we continue to evolve, grow and expand activities and funding opportunities for the benefit of Central Queensland children and youth.


Julie Irwin
Every Child Central Queensland Inc.

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this country and recognise their connection to land, wind, water and community. We pay our respect to them, their cultures, and to the Elders both past and present.