Every Child CQ is an ambitious initiative that seeks to make long term systemic change to a range of complex social issues facing the children of Central Queensland (CQ). Every Child CQ will develop a whole of community approach to improve life outcomes for kids. Based on evaluation of current data, this initiative will aim to make improvements in one or more of the key factors that impact on children in CQ communities.

2 January 2018

ECCQ Inc. – Reshaping our Governance

Now that EECQ has become incorporated and we are progressing to the next stage of our organisational development, it is timely for us to reconsider our governance arrangements so we are best positioned moving forward.

To meet the requirements of an incorporated association we must have office bearer positions including President, Treasurer and Secretary, who are elected by the ECCQ Inc. membership. This forms the Management Committee that will oversee all operations, finances and day to day decision making to support our Director Operations.

At our last meeting it was confirmed that the title of Coordinator be changed to Director Operations to better reflect the breadth and diversity of the work being undertaken by this role.

The other important change is the redefining of the Community Leadership Board’s role given that the Management Committee is now in place. The Board, which is the full membership of ECCO Inc., will be renamed the Community Leadership Group. This group will shift from overseeing all of the establishment of the ECCQ initiative to supporting the Management Committee – by focusing on the overall aspirations of ECCQ, providing strategic guidance, setting high level performance benchmarks, leading  broader engagement and sourcing opportunities for improved partnering, investment and influence.

This change will establish a clear distinction between strategic and operational roles and should ensure that the Management Committee, through the Director Operations, can get on with the daily business of achieving delivery objectives while the CLG keeps the whole initiative on track for the longer term.

As such my role will change, but my commitment to ECCQ will not. I will remain as Chair of the Community Leadership Group and will continue to play a key role in taking this initiative forward. Given my senior role in Government I cannot hold a directorship or office bearer position in an entity that is (or may be) funded by my Department, so I will be resigning as the current President of the Management Committee. The Board has agreed to a transition period whereby my resignation and the election of a new President can occur in a planned and orderly way over the next 2 months. The changed focus of the Community Leadership Group will transpire over this period also.

The review of governance arrangements has brought a fresh energy to achieve our aim as we focus on the next phase of ECCQ. These changes will ensure ECCQ Inc. can continue to thrive and I believe, provide a solid platform upon which the important work can continue that will see every child have every chance to reach their full potential.

Mick Shearer
Chair, Community Leadership Group

10 November 2017


Keeping Queensland’s children More than safe is everybody’s business. We need to all work together so children families and communities are cared for, protected, safe and able to reach their full potential.  www.qfcc.qld.gov.au/more-than-safe

Social innovation

Improving life outcomes for Central Queensland children

We believe that all children deserve to have the best chance to reach their full potential and enjoy a happy and prosperous future. Many skilled professionals are working to help our kids thrive and we believe a collective impact approach will build on this effort to get the best results.

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CQ Youth Interagency Health Forum

Social Innovation in action

Introduction to Every Child CQ

Social innovation will take us from common goals to uncommon results

Central Queensland has a higher percentage than the state average of:


jobless families


low educational attainment


teen pregnancy


low birth weight babies


high domestic violence and child protection rates.

Current achievements of Every Child CQ included a successful community launch, industry sponsorship by Stanwell Corporation and the appointment and commencement of the Community Leadership Board.  In 2017 a full-time Coordinator was appointed and we became an incorporated association.

Every Child CQ is premised on the belief that every adult has a responsibility to ensure that every child has the best chance to fulfil their potential. Every child – rich or poor, girl or boy, infant or teenager, in urban or rural settings. By focusing on improving the chances of every child, we disproportionately advantage those who are inherently disadvantaged.

Every Child CQ is not just a slogan – it is a Call to Action. It is a commonly important task, and it is everyone’s responsibility. Collaborative action is required, community leadership is essential and collective effort is crucial to success.

Traditional methods for solving social problems aren’t working. Those kids who suffer abuse, who live in poverty, who struggle to fit in, who have poor health, who find learning difficult, who feel like they don’t matter or who lack the adult support they need to thrive are the ones who have most to gain from this initiative.

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this country and recognise their connection to land, wind, water and community. We pay our respect to them, their cultures, and to the Elders both past and present.